We are a vintage fare market & design boutique based in the state of Michigan.

Antiquarians, philosophers of beauty & much more.


Vintage Items

Our premier offering is a hand selected variety  of Vintage Items ranging from century old books to original Chinese Heritage lanterns, we pledge to pass down quality vintage goods.



All of our antiques have a fragment of heritage associated with them, our team has several years of expertise. We spend a good portion of our time researching the antiques we sell and you might find an associated story attached with your purchase.


Home Goods

The product selection in our home goods range is extremely dynamic and you could find pretty much anything under the roof here. We change the complete selection from time to time therefore hop on the sale while you can!



@ Juniper +  Olive we Offer a wide range of New/Used Furniture. Whether you are looking for a unique end table for your home or a complete welcome area for you chic office, we have the appropriate  piece for you. A touch of finesse on a low budget.


Art & Decor

Even though this is our number 5 offering, the pieces that we procure for home/office decor exhibit high statutes of artistic punctuation. And yes, from time to time Juniper + Olive grab their colors and brushes; put their creative juices to task.


Consulting Design

Design Consultancy is our niche offering, please feel free to talk to us if you have any projects revolving around home/office design. We treat every project as if it was our own and the most important thing is that each one of them is unique. Also, we are extremely economical.