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Speaking Vintage is our love language. We love to infuse Vintage trends from all eras into your homes, with classic, timeless pieces, as well as current trends. Let us help you create that one of a kind feel into your lifestyle. We are always on the look out for new pieces, so stop in often and see what we have new, such as Vintage, Mid Century Modern, Antiques, Farm Style, Shabby Chic, and of course, even Vintage Clothing and accessories.

Have something in particular that you want, but do not see in our store? We have a wish list book, that you can add to, so that we can be on the look out for your item.  We strive to put the special service in our store.

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We are proud to service all areas, from Detroit, or Brighton, to Okemos, Lansing, and beyond, including our own Livingston County.